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What Data Sydney Has to Offer

If you’re looking for a colocation facility in Sydney, you’ve probably already heard of Data Sydney. The city is home to many high-quality facilities, from the NextDC S2 and AirTrunk SYD1 to Intellicentre 3 East and xScale. But what do you need to know to make the right choice? Read on to find out what data Sydney has to offer. We’ve also outlined some of the key benefits of data colocation.

Data Sydney

NextDC S2

NEXTDC, Australia’s leading provider of data centre services, has announced that its S2 Sydney data centre will offer AWS Direct Connect to its customers. Designed to lower networking costs and provide high-performance network connectivity, AWS Direct Connect ensures smooth and reliable data transfers. NEXTDC also offers a high-bandwidth dedicated connection SDY Pools. This is especially important for Australian businesses, as the demand for high-bandwidth internet connections is high.

AirTrunk SYD1

The AirTrunk SYD1 data centre in Sydney, Australia, is one of the world’s largest public cloud facilities. Built to meet the highest standards, this facility offers 100 percent reliability and industry-leading security. Its network of data centers is designed for fast, easy, and secure cloud hosting. Its high-performance power infrastructure and network connectivity allow users to scale as needed within a defined cloud availability zone.

NextDC Intellicentre 3 East

NetDocuments has announced that it is opening two new data centres in Australia. As part of a colocation agreement with NextDC, the document management company will store its cloud infrastructure at these facilities. NextDC is a national neutral data centre operator that offers a broad range of services to some of Australia’s leading IT firms. The company will use the facilities to host its cloud applications and manage its customers’ data.


Equinix is opening its first xScale data centre in Australia, named SY9x. This new facility is part of a joint venture with PGIM Real Estate worth US$575 million. Combined, these two facilities will offer 720 MW of power capacity. As the first xScale facility in Australia, SY9x is well-placed for businesses in the Sydney area.

Equinix SYD1

The Equinix SYD1 data center in Sydney is located near the Central Business District. This facility offers comprehensive network interconnection within Australia and Asia-Pacific region. The Equinix SYD1 data center covers an area of 167,465 square feet. It is also located near the Southern Cross Cable Head. It is a premier colocation facility for government agencies. In addition to Sydney, the Equinix data center network also includes facilities in London, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto.

Macquarie Data Centres Intellicentre 3 East

The new data centre at Macquarie’s Sydney campus, dubbed “Intellicentre 3 East”, will be part of a $200 million expansion project. When finished, the data centre will have minimum 86,000 square feet of lettable space. Macquarie has also announced plans to build a second data centre at the same site, dubbed “Intellicentre 3 Super West.”

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